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Dozens missing in Solomon Islands flash floods

Fears: millions of dollars worth of damage to the islands' infrastructure

Fears: millions of dollars worth of damage to the islands’ infrastructure

Dozens of people are still missing after flash floods that have killed at least 12 people and left some 10,000 homeless in the Solomon Islands. Local media said about 30 people remained unaccounted for following Thursday’s flooding. Much of the capital Honiara was inundated as thousands of people took refuge in emergency shelters. A state of emergency has been declared amid concerns over food and water supplies and damaged infrastructure. Solomons Red Cross Secretary General Joanne Zoleveke described the floods as “a tragedy none of us saw coming”. AdvertisementThe flooding in Honiara followed days of heavy rain in the area Honiara’s main river, the Matanikau, burst its banks in the storm, sweeping away houses and bridges and flooding the downtown area…

"Flooding has taken everybody by surprise"

“Flooding has taken everybody by surprise”


Earthquake strikes flood-hit Solomon Islands

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake has struck Solomon Islands as the Pacific Island nation is dealing with this week’s deadly flooding. The US Geological Survey says there are no immediate reports of damage from the tremor, which hit late last night west of the city of Kirakira on Makira island. The quake struck at a depth of 63 kilometres, and the USGS has issued a “green alert”, indicating there is a low likelihood of casualties and damage…


Former Facebook Employee Spends Two Years Building a Tsunami-Proof Capsule in His Backyard

a floatable tsunami-proof capsule

a floatable tsunami-proof capsule

The natural catastrophe that affected Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture in March, 2011 provoked a wide spectrum of reactions around the world. For Chris Robinson, who met his wife in Fukushima and lives in California, the natural disaster was personal. In response to the horrific event that killed and displaced thousands, the former Facebook and PayPal art director, who has no background in construction or boating experience, has spent the last two years building a floatable tsunami-proof capsule in his Palo Alto backyard…


Mitigating Disasters Need Collective Efforts

ONCE again the Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) has issued a warning that heavy rains are expected to pound some regions and has called on people living in flood prone areas to move to safer areas with immediate effect to avoid disasters. The agency mentioned the regions which are likely to be affected by the rains and subsequent floods to include Mtwara, Lindi, Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Ruvuma and Morogoro. TMA has also urged disaster committees in the regions to take prevention measures with a view to minimising the impact on the people and their properties…


Were bison fleeing the earthquake?

Some believe wildlife has a sixth sense for detecting natural disasters before they hit. Video of a herd of bison stampeding down a highway in Yellowstone National Park has some questioning whether they’re just running, or running for their lives. We’ve seen it before in nature documentaries: flamingos suddenly and inexplicably flee hours before a tsunami while water buffalo stampede away from the sea. So maybe it’s not surprising that a video started a stampede of rumors, captioned…




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