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4 Habits Of The Most Resilient People

Drought package: $320 million.

Drought package: $320 million.

The sad truth is, nobody’s life is perfect. When the going gets tough, what separates those who can hold their own and keep going, from everyone else? A few years ago, two former business school professors of mine, Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, author of Power, and Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, did an informal study of my Stanford MBA classmates to discern what factors were the most influential in determining which students had “made it” and which had not…


 “Whose resilience are we talking about? And resilience to what?”

“Whose resilience are we talking about? And resilience to what?”

How the floods have changed Britain: climate change

After a period in which it was apparently dismissed by the Prime Minister as “green crap” and all but ignored by Government and Opposition alike, the floods, storms and downpours of Britain’s miserable winter have pushed it back into the national conversation.  “We are sleepwalking into a national security crisis on climate change,” said Ed Miliband. David Cameron said he “very much suspected” that climate change was behind the floods…


Recognising post-bushfire mental health symptoms

Mental health professionals in bushfire-prone areas say they are regularly seeing post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms in patients.  Ned Tkalcevic, a psychotherapist in Victoria’s Gippsland region, has treated a range of mental health conditions following Black Saturday and the recent spate of bushfires…


Policy well runs dry

THOSE who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, the saying goes. Some see Australian drought policy as a serial forgetting.  Comments by Prime Minister Tony Abbott following a tour of drought-hit areas of Queensland and NSW suggest that this drought is being regarded as a natural disaster.  It’s a status drought hasn’t been granted in Australia for more than two decades, since the 1992 National Drought Policy scrubbed drought off the natural disaster list…


Opening address Emergency Management & Business Resilience Summit

Collaboration between the public, private and voluntary sectors is vital to building a resilient nation. As you will be well aware, New Zealand’s geology and unique location means living with natural hazards and risk is inescapable. Managing that risk is critical to our ability to prosper as a nation. Our approach is to generate resilience – ensuring New Zealanders understand the risks they face, and have the capacity to manage those risks, respond, recover and adapt from any emergencies. The Canterbury earthquakes were the biggest test yet of our disaster risk management framework. Despite the tragedy and costs, the experience showed that, overall, our CDEM framework works well…


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