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Hurricane Sandy AftermathBouncing Forward: Why “Resilience” Is Important and Needs a Definition

The concept is sometimes defined as “the ability to bounce back.” But others argue getting back to a baseline is not enough – the goal should be to come back stronger, better positioned for the future, to “bounce forward,” as Professor Patricia Longstaff of Syracuse University put it at the Wilson Center last fall. For many who see resilience as a useful way to explain the connected nature of human and natural systems, this lack of consensus is a problem…


A furious winter snow storm stretching 2,000 miles has struck Canada and the US

A furious winter snow storm stretching 2,000 miles has struck Canada and the US

Stress, complications from Fukushima fallout kill more than initial disaster – report

The number of people who survived the Fukushima nuclear disaster only to succumb to stress and other illnesses has continued to climb, with Japanese officials announcing that the death toll outnumbers the amount of people killed in the meltdown. Prefecture and local police told The Japan Times on Wednesday that 1,656 people have died of stress and other tensions that have come as a result of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. That number is especially sobering when compared to the 1,607 people who died in the prefecture when the natural disasters struck almost three years ago…


UK faces ‘highest exposure’ to extra-tropical cyclones

The UK economy will have more exposure to extra-tropical cyclones – the type of storm seen over recent weeks – than any other country in the world, according to a global ranking of countries and natural risks. Risk-assessment firm Maplecroft, who put together the ranking, also found…


Canadian disaster research institute closes after funding cut

After 24 years of researching natural disasters in Canada and around the world, the University of Manitoba has closed its Disaster Research Institute because it no longer has funding. The DRI, which has studied floods, forest fires and other disasters, was disbanded at a recent meeting of the university’s board of governors…


Graduate jobs: resilience is key to success

Resilience is key to success, as is having a strong supportive network, whether friends or family, who can help with encouragement when you need it most. If you are struggling to find work, it’s important not to feel embarrassed by your situation but to speak openly about how you feel. Make sure you keep parents in the loop, especially if they are the kind of parents who – however well meaning – try and ‘help’ in tough times. It could potentially mean you avoid awkward conversations about your future plans…

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