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U.S. Ice Storm ‘Holds Hands’ With UK Flood

468953199_10_0Yet another storm battered southern parts of the United Kingdom on Friday, with winds up to 80 mph and heavy rain. Based on satellite imagery, this storm is drawing in moisture from the same storm system that dumped heavy snow and ice across the eastern half of the U.S. this week. The storms appear to be swirling arm-in-arm across the Atlantic…

Two storms span the North Atlantic Ocean on Friday, with one in Britain (right) and one just exiting the Northeast U.S. (left)

Two storms span the North Atlantic Ocean on Friday, with one in Britain (right) and one just exiting the Northeast U.S. (left)


PM: We need to improve the resilience of Britain

David Cameron has said he suspects Britain will experience more extreme weather events in the future as he stated the need to make the country more “resilient”. “I think its clear that we are seeing more extreme weather events and I suspect we will go on seeing more extreme weather events and we need to do everything we can to improve the resilience of our country,” the Prime Minister said in the Commons. Mr Cameron reiterated that “money is no object”, insisting that the Government would “spend whatever is necessary” to help families get through the crisis…


Our Fragile Emerging Megacities: A Focus on Resilience

The number of megacities is expected to double over the next decade, and many of these growing cities are far from resilient. The solution: frugal engineering and local knowledge. Unless you have been hibernating, you have heard about urbanization trends and have spent time reflecting on what this might hold for the future of communities, cities, nations, and the planet as a whole…


Chch home quake resilience researched

Improving the resilience of homes which performed poorly in the Canterbury earthquakes is the subject of a new research project. Engineering experts from research organisation Branz with support from EQC, will use computer modelling to assess the impact of simulated seismic action on modern homes with more complex configurations…


Schools urged to promote ‘character and resilience’

Britain’s schools must be “more than just exam factories”, according to cross-party parliamentary group report.  More importance should be given to the development of “character and resilience”, a new cross-parliamentary report has said. The report, supported by the Confederation of British Industry, senior politicians, and the government’s social mobility adviser, says schools should make it part of their “core business” to nurture pupils’ self-belief, perseverance and ability to bounce back from set-backs…


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