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Leap Forward: Why We Need to Think Bigger on Climate Resilience

In 1995, a severe heat wave struck Chicago, killing more than 700 people. The disaster hit some neighborhoods much harder than others. For the most part, its devastation closely traced the city’s economic and ethnic segregation. More people died in places like Englewood, a South Side neighborhood with a history of poverty and crime, and a largely African-American population; yet some neighborhoods with this same demographic fared remarkably well. Just adjacent to Englewood, the Auburn Gresham community — also poor and black — weathered the disaster far better than many of the city’s wealthy white communities…


"Record breaking snow storm in London" by Madiha Abdo
“Record breaking snow storm in London” by Madiha Abdo


Local politicians pleased with new disaster fund included in federal budget

The federal budget is getting favourable reviews at city hall thanks to a new $200 million fund to help municipalities better prepare themselves for natural disasters.  The newly created disaster mitigation fund comes on the heels of a costly year for Toronto, in which the city shelled out millions of dollars on the cleanup from two major storms, depleting its reserve accounts for weather-related emergencies in the process.  “The good news for Torontonians is that the federal government is recognizing that natural disasters are causing a hardship for municipalities,” Coun. Karen Stintz told CP24 following the tabling of the budget Tuesday afternoon. “We need this kind of program so that we can upgrade our infrastructure and don’t have to go back and ask for money for any damages that have occurred.”…


The floods: coping strategy

Natural disasters can make or break political leaders. After a day spent touring the sodden south-west and the Thames Valley, David Cameron summoned the media to Downing Street to show that he was a Gerhard Schröder – the German chancellor whose swift response to the floods turned round a flagging election campaign in 2002 – and not a George W Bush, enfeebled by his floundering reaction to Hurricane Katrina. Disaster is a stage for government to display its capacity to govern, and over the past few days, there has been an alarming confusion at the centre. Now Mr Cameron has taken a grip: he has called off a planned visit to the Middle East and announced that in future he will chair the emergency Cobra committee…


Russia Gives India, UK Satellite Images of Disaster Areas

Russia’s space agency said Wednesday that it has supplied fresh satellite images to assist Britain and India cope with unfolding natural disasters blighting the two nations.  The Resurs-P satellite launched by Russia last summer on Thursday photographed areas along the southern coast of England, which is currently battling floods caused by torrential downpours that began in January.  Roscosmos said that it has forwarded over 6,000 square kilometers (2,300 square miles) of images taken by the satellite to the British government and will continue monitoring the area until the end of next week…


Indonesia Trade Minister Says Better Food Distribution a Focus

Indonesia’s new Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi said his priority will be to improve food distribution to curb inflation that has remained elevated after the Southeast Asian nation raised fuel prices in June. Natural disasters such as floods and volcano eruptions on the islands of Sumatra and Java pose a challenge to the steady supply of staple goods, Lutfi said in an interview with Bloomberg TV Indonesia yesterday before his official appointment today to replace Gita Wirjawan. Lutfi is also seeking to improve the current-account deficit, which he expects to turn positive in the “near future.”..


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