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8 Innovative Emergency Shelters for When Disaster Strikes

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan—one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded—effective disaster relief is once again at the forefront of the world’s consciousness. What do you do when your home and belongings have been destroyed due to flash floods or landslides? Temporary shelters are a key part of the recovery process – read ahead for 8 examples of prefabricated, quickly deployable emergency shelters that use different technologies to address transport, power, insulation, and water needs…

possibility of a global smallpox epidemic caused by melting corpses in the Arctic

possibility of a global smallpox epidemic caused by melting corpses in the Arctic



Natural calamities: relief agencies urged to devise coordinated mechanism

Speakers at a seminar “Is Karachi prepared to face the ravages of an impending earthquake,” urged the national relief agencies to devise a co-ordinated mechanism to deal with natural calamities and other disasters. The seminar was organised by Commecs Institute of Business and Emerging Sciences (CIBES) at the institute campus, here on Saturday…


Gov. Cuomo Announces Program Aimed At Preparing New Yorkers For Natural Disasters

Governor Cuomo has announced training programs across the state designed with the goal of training 100,000 New Yorkers on how to prepare for emergencies and disasters, WCBS 880 reported. “Preparedness really does begin at home and this initiative is designed to help citizens focus on that, to make it a priority and to give them a starter kit as well as some training,” New York State Homeland Security Services spokesman Jim Sherry said…


Will Smallpox Re-emerge in Siberia as Corpses Thaw from Climate Change?

Could the frozen bodies of smallpox victims in Siberia, now thawing because of climate change, re-release the virus into the environment and thus start a global pandemic? There has apparently been speculation about this for more than a decade. “In the past,” the BBC explains, “some researchers and news outlets speculated that smallpox in the frozen graves of former victims might remain in suspended animation, ready to begin a new cycle of infection should those bodies ever be dug up and unthawed. Scientists have attempted to excavate corpses in frozen graves in Alaska and Siberia that contain the remains of smallpox victims, however none of the bodies contained viable viruses.”..


Two dead and hundreds evacuated as floods hit French Riviera

Two people were killed on Sunday and more than 150 had to be airlifted to safety after floods struck south-eastern France, local authorities said. A third man disappeared while out on his boat and 4,000 homes have been left without power after the inundations in the department of Var, they said. Local official Laurent Cayrel said one of the victims, a 73-year-old man, died in his basement, while the other was swept away in his car…

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