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Sumatra volcano kills 14, spews lava

At least 14 people have died after a volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra spewed lava and hot gas. “It is likely we’ll find more victims,” Benny Kaban, a local Protestant minister and aid worker, said by telephone on Saturday. Most of the 14 victims died in a village less than 3km from the peak of Mount Sinabung, said Asren Nasution, head of the local disaster management agency…

Deadly Mount Sinabung volcano rumbled for months ahead of eruutpion

Deadly Mount Sinabung volcano rumbled for months ahead of erutpion


How Hurricane Katrina Inspired A Revolutionary New Disaster Shelter

Unlike the infamous trailers that FEMA deployed in response to Katrina, which cost around $20,000 each and were mandated for one-time use only, EXOs around $5,000, are reusable, recyclable, and because of their stackability, can be transported at a rate of 28 units per semi-truck load vs. one unit per truck for each FEMA Trailer…


Alun Davies: We need to make farm businesses more resilient

THE Minister for Natural Resources and Food, Alun Davies, has accepted the findings of an independent review that aims to strengthen farm businesses in Wales and make them more resilient in the long term. The Minister asked Kevin Roberts, former Director General of the NFU in England and Wales, to carry out a review of resilience in Welsh farming after he saw the distress caused to some farming communities following severe weather last March.  Mr Roberts’ final report, which is now available on the Welsh Government website, makes 41 recommendations for improving resilience on Welsh farms…


Report Shows Caribbean Men Need Help In Coping With Natural Disasters

Men may be more likely to suffer physical harm in a natural disaster, said Dr. Asha Kambon, a consultant who worked for 20 years with UN-ECLAC, specialising in natural disasters and their impact on small island developing states. “We women are not as prone to risk-taking as men,” she noted…


Good planning makes a difference during natural disaster

DISASTERS are inevitable, but the manner in which they are handled can make the world of difference. Put yourself, your family and your property in good stead with planning and preparation. Disaster Recovery coordinator Russell Barne said every new disaster should be treated on its own merit, but preparations are largely similar for all. “People tend to forget all common sense each and every time there’s a new disaster,” he said. “But the essentials are always the same no matter what you are confronting.”..


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