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Natural disasters cost Victoria almost $ 20 billion over 10 years

Coalition governments are turning their backs on tackling climate change. But the imperative to address climate change is not merely scientific. There’s an economic reason to act, too…



Natural disasters claim more than 100 lives in Indonesia

Floods, landslides and whirlwinds that hit many parts of Indonesia have claimed more than 100 lives so far this month, an official said here on Tuesday. Indonesia should stay alert to possible dangers in the wet season in the coming months, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman of the national disaster agency. “As the rainy season is going to peak up from January to March, the threat of flooding and landslide will keep lingering in many parts of Indonesia,” he told Xinhua via the phone. According to data provided by the agency, there have been 182 cases of floods, landslides and whirlwinds since in January…


One in four tsunami children needs psychiatric care

One in four nursery school children caught up in Japan’s 2011 tsunami disaster has psychiatric problems caused by the horrors of loss and destruction, with experts warning of a dire shortage of psychiatrists. Researchers say that for some children, the effects may be felt throughout their lifetimes unless they get the help they so urgently need. A study found 25.9% of children aged between three and five suffer from symptoms including vertigo, nausea and headaches, with some exhibiting worrying behaviour such as violence or withdrawal…


Five Disruptive Disasters That Can Happen To Your Business

Natural and man-made disasters can wreak havoc upon businesses. These disasters often
result in expensive repairs and huge profit losses. Disasters that are particularly devastating can even force businesses to cease operation. If you run a business, it is important to be aware of these five disruptive disasters that could potentially affect you:..


Crowdsourcing for Disasters

Mother nature, an inevitable and terrifying force to be reckoned with, forces people to surrender to her fury, adapting to the ebbs and flows of the seasons. It often wreaks havoc on businesses, taking their entire operation down. Most of us have been there, fretting the day disaster strikes and brings down our processes and hinder our business. As a result, most people take a responsible approach to their business’ success, creating a holistic, well thought out, time consuming plan — in the event that mother nature or another unforeseen event strike — to stay resilient. We’ve all witnessed the countless organizations that have seen their fate held by the hands of disasters, only to destroy their operations…

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