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Government to introduce new inquiry into national disaster funding arrangements

The Coalition Government today is announcing its intention to establish a Productivity Commission Inquiry next year into national disaster funding arrangements. Treasurer Joe Hockey is writing to the Productivity Commission and requesting it examine the full scope of national expenditure on disasters, and the effectiveness of current mitigation support arrangements. Further, the Commission will be asked the best ways to reduce the impact of natural disasters on communities and how they recover in a sustainable way. The Coalition Government will consult with States and Territories on the terms of reference for the review. Emergency Services Ministers across the country have already expressed their support for an inquiry into disaster expenditure…


One of the woodcuts featured in the book about Great Britain's first recorded tsunami in 1607.
One of the woodcuts featured in the book about Great Britain’s first recorded tsunami in 1607.

Why Older Adults Face More Danger in Natural Disasters

The pictures from the Philippines were hard to watch. The devastation from Typhoon Haiyan is widespread, but, as in many natural disasters, older people have been disproportionately hurt. More than a million older Filipinos have been affected or displaced. In the regions where victims’ ages are known, one out of three people who died were over the age of 60, even though they represented less than one tenth of the population…

New book dives deep into Severn Tsunami disaster of 1607 which devastated Gloucestershire communities

TSUNAMIS are more commonly associated with southern Asia than south west England. But in 1607, residents living along the River Severn were brought face-to-face with Britain’s deadliest natural disaster. On January 30 that year, a brutal wave measuring more than seven metres high, swept up the river, flooding land on either side and claiming the lives of thousands. For decades, those who survived called it an act of God, but modern scientific research has suggested it was actually Great Britain’s first recorded tsunami…

Developers deliver disaster data platform

As Australia heads into bushfire season proper, having already had a taste with devastating fires in Tasmania and NSW, mobile developers Gridstone are hoping that their EmergencyAUS platform will help consumers get better access to natural disaster information and government organisations get a better picture of disasters as they unfold. The EmergencyAUS mobile app was released 12 months ago. The platform comprises free mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as a backend system that aggregates large quantities of data from multiple channels, explained Gridstone director Lembit Pikkat…

Disaster relief program wins acceptance in Clairton

For more than a year, David Adams, president of the nonprofit Conscience Group Corp., has been working to develop its Disaster Resilient Emergency Management Awareness project that pays attention to disadvantaged minority communities. Now, thanks to an agreement with Clairton, the project has the office space that would serve as the pilot site for what Adams hopes to expand the program throughout Allegheny County, and that it becomes a national initiative.” “This plan is for everyone, but it’s the only one that incorporates a cultural component for communities that find themselves less informed,” said Adams. “We are looking at filling gaps in emergency services at the state and local level.”..

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