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ULI Awarded $800,000 Kresge Foundation Grant

The Kresge Foundation has awarded ULI an $800,000 grant to support its pursuit of urban design and practices that promote development that is more resilient and adaptable to the impact of climate change. ULI’s community resilience program explores how issues related to climate change are affecting the real estate industry and reshaping urban growth patterns. Through the Kresge Foundation grant, ULI will leverage the substantial expertise of its members to provide guidance on how to build a community in a way that responds to inevitable climate change and rising sea levels and helps preserve the environment, boost economic prosperity, and foster a high quality of life…

data recovery after disaster can be expensive when businesses do not have resilience plan

data recovery after disaster can be expensive when businesses do not have resilience plan

Typhoon Haiyan: what it would be like to lose everything and have to start again

I just turned 60, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose everything and have to start again, at this age, or any age. Henry is 63. When Typhoon Haiyan hit his island off the coast of Concepcion in the Philippines, he knew it was going to be bad, but he had not anticipated so much loss…


Kroll Ontrack’s Top 10 Data Disasters Averted in 2013

Every December since 2004, Kroll Ontrack, a Minnesota-based provider of data recovery products and services, has compiled a list of its top 10 most unusual data disasters and subsequent recoveries. It’s always a good read. “Despite best efforts to prevent disasters, data loss still happens due to hardware failure, software corruption, computer viruses, natural disasters and, of course, human error,” said Kroll Ontrack Vice President of Data Recovery Operations Todd Johnson. He supervises more than 200 engineers who develop IT and techniques that anticipate and address customer needs…


Lego-leaguers seek to tackle toy-sized disasters

This year’s challenges is centered on the Nature’s Fury theme. Beginning in September, teams of five to 10 students were asked to choose a kind of natural disaster to research. Lewiston’s teams picked tornadoes and tsunamis. Teams were asked to prepare for those disasters, stay safe during them and rebuild afterwards. The competition is broken into two sections. First, the teams needs to come up with an innovative real-world way to prepare for their chosen disaster or to survive it and present it to judges at the competition. They can create a comic, present a skit, sing a song or tell a story…


UN sets the stage for adoption of a new global agreement on disaster risk in 2015

The United Nations General Assembly has set the stage for a new global agreement on reducing the impact of disasters by confirming that the 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction will take place in Sendai City, Japan from 14 to 18 March 2015. The main item on the Conference agenda is agreement on a successor to the Hyogo Framework for Action which was adopted at the last such Conference in 2005 within weeks of the Indian Ocean tsunami and which was attended by representatives from 168 UN Member States. Over 8,000 people are expected to attend the 2015 event including heads of State, government ministers, parliamentarians, academics, NGO and other civil society representatives…


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