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USAID must improve on resilience, understand fragility — Rajiv Shah

The U.S. Agency for International Development has to do a “more focused job of delivering on the resilience agenda,” according to agency chief Rajiv Shah.  In a speech at the the Brookings Institution on Thursday, Shah outlined USAID’s new three-part commitment to helping end extreme poverty. He said the agency will increasingly focus on public-private partnerships, country programs that demand mutual accountability and disaster-prone, fragile areas and communities. On this last point, the USAID administrator commented that “America makes disproportionately more investments in fragile areas” than other countries, but that the agency and others need to do a better job of helping to understand fragility and how to measure it…

how much more data do we need before we act

how much more data do we need before we act


Climate Risk, Building Resilience

Haiyan, Sandy, Katrina.  By now, we should have gotten the message.  Some have, but not enough of us.  Yet. The IPCC got it.  Years ago.  And one of their many important contributions has been to focus our attention on the need for adaptation to the worsening impacts of climate change…


Resilience focus for HB Civil Defence group plan

A draft plan for preparing and coping with natural hazards and emergencies in the region has been released for public comment by Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group. Every five years the CDEM Group is required to provide a plan proposing the civil defence work and community action that will be taken to prepare, respond and recover from adverse events and disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and tsunami. Resilience is a major theme in the draft plan, which outlines plans to strengthen the communities’ resilience to adverse events and disasters.  “Resilience is our ability to bounce back, and much of that depends on the community’s willingness to be well-prepared. Individuals and communities may have good ideas how we can help them to do that better and we’d like to hear from them,” says HBCDEM Group Controller Ian Macdonald…


Geneva Association urges action on disaster risk reduction, building in a more risk-conscious way

The Geneva Association has called on delegates now meeting in Warsaw for the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP19) to recognize the importance of country-wide disaster risk reduction measures and risk-conscious urban planning and building standards. “Investment in rebuilding in a more risk-conscious and risk-resilient way will be recouped many times over when further disasters occur and its impacts are reduced,” Michael Butt, chairman of Axis Capital and co-chairman of The Geneva Association’s climate risks and insurance working group, noted in a statement Thursday. The association’s membership comprises CEOs from the world’s top insurance and reinsurance companies…


Made In IBM Labs: Testing Cloud Invention To Prevent Natural Disaster Outages

When a major weather event occurs, such as last year’s deadly and destructive Super Storm Sandy, data network operators may have just a few hours or even less to protect critical communications systems before disaster strikes, but moving voice and data application and services to a safe location–a process called re-provisioning–typically takes days. The cloud computing disaster prevention invention that IBM and Marist are currently testing could slash
re-provisioning time from days to minutes — avoiding costly network disruptions and outages…



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