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Natural disaster assistance for businesses

Government assistance is available for businesses affected by a natural disaster. Below is a list of state and federal emergency relief and assistance programs available to small business. The page will be kept up-to-date with the latest information and assistance. Revisit this page frequently to keep informed on changes and new assistance programs available to your business…


Shelter from the Storm: FEMA Disaster Recovery Center Innovation

In the hours after a disaster, when information is scarce and services stretched thin, families and neighbors quickly band together to help those in need. FEMA’s Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) provide vital information and services to get locals through a disaster, but they are established only when federal aid is deployed — often days or weeks after an event. To bridge this gap between community response and government action, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and frog partnered to rethink the mechanics of formal disaster response by building on the natural human instinct to help. Frog delivered a playbook that describes how a community-run DRC can be staged and deployed before FEMA’s arrives on the scene….


Are your clients affected by natural disaster?

The current bushfires are causing significant damage to some areas of New South Wales. If you or your clients are located in one of the postcodes identified on our website, we will automatically make arrangements to defer taxation obligations. There are a range of support strategies, including…

When Disaster Strikes: Why You Need to Create a Virtual Firebox for Your Photo and Video Memories

Homes and lives are being pieced together even today but for many people, there’s something that can’t be replaced and is the most valuable of all: memories captured in photos and videos. There is no price tag for baby pictures, no set value for video of a wedding or birthday party. These memories truly are priceless. Just ask the people who have lost them…

Natural Disasters Compound Food Security Issues in Sri Lanka

Persistent food insecurity in Sri Lanka is largely the result of the country’s decade-long civil war, which ended in May 2009. The Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka were worst affected during this period, with 60 per cent of their populations experiencing food insecurity. Widespread population displacement during the civil war exposed many people from these regions to food insecurity. A severe drought and two large floods have occurred during the last 20 months, compounding food security issues for households for whom the devastated rice production was often the sole source of income…

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