Resilience NEWS

Bid to learn from bushfire disaster

At a suitable time, it is important that we learn from disasters like this in the hope that we can prevent, prepare for, respond to or recover from them better in the future. In this regards NSW DPI, with funding from the State and Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program, is running a series of half-day workshops across NSW with the aim of collating experiences and suggestions on the care of animals before and during a natural disaster…


How can we build houses that better withstand bushfires?

Regulators have sought to improve the bushfire protection of the standard Australian house by implementing measures from the Australian Standard 3959. This standard improves the fire performance of each building component but as yet does not describe how these components could be assembled into a building. This design process is particularly complex; there is no one perfect solution but rather a variety of options that can be selected for any individual building site…


An alarming growth in natural disasters across Asia

According to the latest annual World Development Report of the World Bank, Asia is more prone than any other part of the world to natural catastrophes such as earthquake, volcano eruption, tsunami and flooding. A situation that certainly will need to be integrated into future tourism growth strategies of all countries in the region…


Experts talk disasters

REGIONAL participants of the 6th Annual Pacific Humanitarian Team regional workshop met on Tuesday to discuss ways to address and prepare for natural disasters as the Pacific heads into cyclone season. The Suva-based workshop, attended by 100 participants from humanitarian response organisations around the Pacific, was also expected to feature a climate change update in light of the cyclone season. In a statement issued by the co-ordinators, Pacific Humanitarian Team, UN resident coordinator in Fiji Osnat Lubrani said the workshop was an important part of disaster preparedness in the Pacific…


Possible Planetary Disasters That Could Cause Extinction

In the last 40,000 years, there have been at least ten gigantic landslides of more than 100 cubic kilometers in the North Atlantic ocean alone. Each of these was capable of producing waves tens to hundreds of meters in height and according to a new report, this is only one of the many possible planetary disasters that could cause extinction…

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