Resilience NEWS

Measuring the impact of diversity in times of disaster (The University of Queensland)

While most Queenslanders are all too aware of the impact natural disasters can have on their lives and the community, new research being carried out at The University of Queensland’s School of Social Science aims to investigate the specific impact on people from linguistically diverse backgrounds. UQ Sociology PhD Candidate Martina Baumer said cultural and linguistic differences may make it difficult for newcomers from diverse, ethnic or non-English speaking backgrounds to understand what is going on around them in everyday situations. “This becomes intensified in times of disaster – where to find information, how to deal with the situation, and where to get help,” Ms Baumer said…

Role of students in natural disaster

Disasters needn’t end in vast human, econ losses -World Bank

More than 1.5 billion people will be at risk from calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones or floods by 2050, but human casualties and economic losses can be minimised if nations invest now in disaster prevention, a World Bank report said. Experts say most countries are not acting fast enough to take steps to protect their people from disasters, and that climate change will mean more frequent and severe natural hazards in the future. “Around 1.5 billion people in less than 40 years are going to be exposed to natural hazards,” World Bank Managing Director Mahmoud Mohieldin said at the launch of the “Natural Hazards, Unnatural disasters” report on Thursday…

International Institute of Global Resilience (IIGR) Launches D.C. Course as part of Kumamoto University’s HIGO Program

WASHINGTON, Oct.15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The International Institute of Global Resilience (IIGR), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving emergency management worldwide through research and education, today announced it has partnered with Kumamoto University’s Health and Life Science: Interdisciplinary and Glocal Oriented (HIGO) program…

SEAL Eric Greitens plans book on resilience

Eric Greitens, the Navy SEAL who wrote the best-selling book “The Heart and the Fist,” has a new book deal. Greitens, who lives in St. Louis, hasn’t said announced a title. Dave Whitman, director of the Greitens Group, says the book has a “very tentative pub date of Spring 2015.”We do know that the topic will be resilience, says an item by Publishers Weekly: “Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publisher Bruce Nichols acquired world rights to former Navy SEAL and Rhodes Scholar Eric Greitens’s untitled book on resilience, in a deal brokered by E.J. McCarthy. In the book, Greitens, named one of Time magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People’ in 2013, draws on lessons he’s learned from great poets and philosophers, combined with his own experiences as a SEAL, a worker in refugee camps, and an advocate for wounded veterans. The book is based on actual letters Greitens wrote to a SEAL in distress to explore ‘how anyone can adapt to hardship to become wiser, stronger, and happier.'”

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