Resilience NEWS

Deadly Cyclone Hits India

According to CNN, in India’s Odisha state, which was battered this weekend by Cyclone Phailin, “at least 13 people were killed after trees fell and walls collapsed when the storm hit, Police Chief Prakash Mishra said. Another death was confirmed in Andhra Pradesh state, India’s disaster management authority said. Many had feared the death toll would be higher. Massive evacuation efforts helped limit the number of casualties, officials said.”..

Pacific countries rank top for disasters risk exposure globally

A report by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction has found that five Pacific countries are among the top 15 disaster risk countries in the world. The countries are Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. Vanuatu and Tonga were ranked as the top two nations with the most risk, while Fiji was in fifteenth place. The sub-regional coordinator for the UNSDR in the Pacific, Tim Wilcox, told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program these rankings highlight the vulnerability of the Pacific island countries and their exposure to disasters in the region.  The report found that natural disasters are costing Fiji $US79 million annually, or about 2.6 per cent of its GDP…

Experiences of a Natural Disaster as a Catalyst for Climate Awareness

Can the experience of a natural disaster such as the recent Colorado flood help individuals to confront the risks associated with climate change? Can dramatic experiences initiate a major learning experience or even a life transition? Based on the literature of sustainable education, levels of learning and transformative learning, a powerful disorienting experience can be (and often is necessary as) a catalyst for deep, transformative learning. For these reasons, natural disasters are an excellent opportunity to reflect on the risks we are taking as a civilization – and consider what we can do about these risks…

Downtime, data loss and natural disasters

As the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, a Carbonite survey has found that most small businesses in the affected area are not prepared for the next disaster. The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, found that more than 40 percent of small businesses in the tri-state area hit by Superstorm Sandy last October (NY, NJ, and CT) think it’s likely they will be impacted by a natural disaster in the next year, and that only 22 percent feel they are ‘very prepared’. Downtime and data loss caused by natural disasters can be detrimental to any small business. On average, survey respondents said it would take 16 days to recreate or recover their files – and nearly a third said they would never be able to recover or recreate all of their important business data if it was lost…

Nepal launches climate resilience programme

Nepal has launched a USD 31 million project that aims to enhance the country’s capacity to mitigate climate related hazards. Som Lal Subedi, Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment launched the Building Resilience to Climate Related Hazards (BRCH) project at a function here. The project, signed in April between the government of Nepal and the World Bank, aims to “enhance government capacity to mitigate climate related hazards by improving the accuracy and timeliness of weather and flood forecasts and warnings for climate-vulnerable communities”…

Renaissance recognised for Business Continuity book

The most innovative product award was given collectively for Renaissance’s part in the authorship of a book entitled “Business Continuity for Dummies”, a guide for smaller companies in understanding and implementing business continuity practices. The creation of the book was a cooperative effort between various organisations, including the UK Cabinet Office and the Business Continuity Institute and the Emergency Planning Society…

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