Resilience NEWS

Lego League gets students thinking about natural disasters

Becky Haack and Cindy Reichgelt are hoping they’ve caused a fury. Make that Nature’s Fury. It’s all part of the ever-exciting FIRST Lego League 2013 challenge, Nature’s Fury, which the team leaders are facilitating for La Crescent students in grades 4 through 8. This year, the team is 65-plus students strong, and along with their parents, they were invited to La Crescent High School on Sept. 10 to kick off the 2013 challenge year with what turned out to be a unique event. Focusing on the research portion of the robotics experience, participants had the chance to hear four experts share stories focused on a specific roster of natural disasters and how to prevent them…

When disaster strikes, girls hurt more, study finds

The report, titled “In Double Jeopardy: Adolescent Girls and Disasters,” found that not only are girls less likely to be rescued than their brothers, they are also fed less food, less likely to return to school and more vulnerable to rape, prostitution and child marriage. “(Girls) are already in normal times more vulnerable, more disadvantaged, more excluded from decision making,” said Rosemary McCarney, president and CEO of Plan Canada. “So when disasters or emergencies occur, this is magnified manifold. “If you’re female, you’re 14 times more likely to die in a disaster than a man. That’s a very big number.”..

Disasters cost world economy $15bn in September, says Aon

The Impact forecasting report issued by Aon Benfield reviewed the natural disaster perils that occurred throughout the world during September.  The reinsurance firm estimated that tropical cyclone landfalls in Mexico and Asia caused more than $10bn in economic losses. Meanwhile, major flooding destroyed 20,000 homes in Colorado, which amounted to $2bn in losses. Flood events during the month were also recorded in Romania, Ukraine, Mexico, Bolivia, and the Solomon Islands. Steve Jakubowski, president of Impact Forecasting, said: ‘As our September catastrophe recap report highlights, tropical cyclone and flood events can simultaneously affect many countries around the world.’..

Could gamers help during natural disasters?

Computer gamers who like a challenge might be interested in one with a greater sense of purpose – saving lives in the real world from natural disasters. That is the idea put forward by the Internet Response League (IRL), which came about due to the surge of social media posts emerging from global disasters. Tweets, images and videos are not only newsworthy, according to founder Patrick Meier, but can provide aid agencies with close to real-time data about locations that have suffered from hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and tornados. If this information is properly organised and assessed, it could highlight and help those areas appearing to have suffered the most damage…

How Much is “Government Shutdown” Costing Compared to Natural Disasters?

The partial government shutdown has officially entered its second week. At this point, there is no clear sign when the government will reopen or how long paychecks will be delayed for hundreds of thousands of furloughed government employees. It is leading to more uncertainty on the future of an already fragile economy. RT Correspondent Liz Wahl takes a look at the cost of this manmade disaster…

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