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Understanding Community Resilience Through Collaboration (University of Queensland Workshop)

On Tuesday 8 October 2013, the University of Queensland hosted a collaborative inter-disciplinary workshop to explore community resilience with experts in the development, design and management of policies and program strengthening communities’ adaptive capabilities in the context of rapid change and disastrous events. The workshop attracted a diverse range of researchers and practitioners across many disciplines in an attempt to aggregate knowledge, experience and approaches as a way of drawing together the very different paradigms of resilience coming from ecology, the social sciences and disaster management, and exploring collaborative capacities. A signature feature of the workshop was the mixture of approaches from disciplines across the spectrum including history, geography, environmental studies, design, policy, sociology, anthropology, economics and ecology…

New fight against bushfires in Tasmania

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC was set up in February this year by the previous federal labor government to better understand bushfires and other natural disasters like flood and earthquakes. CEO of the organisation Dr Richard Thornton says he’s pleased to see Tasmania come on board as natural disasters especially bushfires are part of Tasmanian life…


Indian Prime Minister warns over natural disaster threat

The Prime Minister was referring to the June floods in Uttarakhand which killed thousands. He commented: “The large-scale loss of life, property and public infrastructure due to rains and floods in Uttarakhand point not only to India’s vulnerability to disasters but also to the need to take effective measures to prevent such disasters and contain their fall out when they occur…

DISASTER RESPONSE: Risk management vital

5 core strategies for effective disaster planning and management? Disaster planning strategies increasingly vital in order to reduce negative impacts of natural disasters and crises, says new report from World Bank…

Mexico: Cost of natural disasters hits US$20bn in last decade

Natural disasters have cost Mexico US$20.2bn over the last decade, according to a new report from the World Bank. The cost of damage in Mexico, caused…

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