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Being resilient means farmers need to step up

Life is busy for everyone, and there’s the temptation to leave your mental and physical health at the end of a long list of priorities. Denis Hoiberg is a consultant who specialises in helping people develop their personal and emotional resilience. He says people in regional Australia frequently neglect their health, and it can be a major problem for themselves and everyone around them…


Don’t Become a Survivor: 8 Resilience Behaviours That Help You Recover and Thrive After Trauma and Suffering

When you have that amazing opportunity in life to meet an individual who has overcome great suffering as a young person, and continues to grow and find new ways to embrace, love and accept herself and others, you know this person has something very important to teach – about life, love, empathy and reaching your fullest potential on this planet…


Good governance seen as key to resilient healthcare systems

Poor responses to budget cuts during the crisis have left many national healthcare systems in a bad state but they can still be shock-proofed for the future, according to policymakers who argue that stronger governance is the key to resilience…


Ann Arbor Wants to Be Resilient City

The city of Ann Arbor will be applying for designation as one of 100 Resilient Cities by the Rockefeller Foundation. A resolution passed at the council’s Oct. 7, 2013 meeting directs the city administrator to apply for the grant. The Rockefeller Foundation defines “resilience” in terms of preparedness to withstand catastrophic events – both natural and manmade…


‘Building Resilience:’ Model healthy resilience strategies

The well-being of your child rests on your health and personal resilience. Caring for yourself is not selfish — it is a selfless and strategic act of good parenting. Parenting is a long-haul proposition. Burnout is simply not an option. Maintaining your interests, addressing your needs, and relieving your stress with healthy coping strategies are precisely what give you the energy to give to others…

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