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UN spotlights need for improved urban resilience

“As the effects of climate change increase, urban resilience becomes ever more necessary,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his remarks at an event at UN Headquarters to mark World Habitat Day, observed annually on the first Monday of October. “All actors need to work together to save lives, protect assets and guarantee services when disasters strike. Planning is essential.” Mr Ban noted that the humanitarian and economic cost of natural disasters is mounting, with natural hazards having killed some 1.1 million people since 2000. Since then, more than 2.7 billion have been affected and the economic cost is estimated at $1.3 trillion…


Disaster Information for Townsville Residents

Townsville is a beautiful place to live but there is a serious side to the North Queensland summer with potential risks for natural disasters such as cyclones, bushfires and flooding. Council is committed to educating residents about these natural dangers and recommends you view the Living in the North Guide…


Will we be able to predict natural disasters soonly?

In June 2013, scientists from the NASA’s IFloodS program were on hand to study the powerful storm. The researchers gathered data radar dishes, ground moisture sensors and rain gauges, which they then compared to data and images gathered by orbital satellites passing overhead. Their goal: Double-checking estimates of rainfall based upon satellite data. If they’re able to fine-tune those calculations, they eventually hope to use their weather satellites to spot and provide an early warning of when midwestern rivers may overflow their banks and cause flooding…


Architecture of resilience: ‘Designing Recovery’ winners announced

Three affordable green dwellings to be built in a trio of natural disaster-affected cities — New Orleans, New York and Joplin, Mo. — are selected as the winners in a design competition geared to aid families impacted by severe weather…


Investing Today to Increase Resilience to Tomorrow’s Hazards

The past decade has seen many major natural disasters across South Asia: the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka, the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, 2007 cyclone in Bangladesh, and recent flooding in India. Among many other such events, they demonstrate how subject South Asia and its people are to natural disasters. Coupled with this geographic vulnerability are rising population density and low levels of development, which is potentially devastating for human life and property…

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