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One Year After Sandy, Displaced Still Need Our Help

A year after Hurricane Sandy, millions of people are still trying to put their lives back together. Outwardly, the affected communities have done a tremendous job rebuilding. Some neighbourhoods look normal, and the tourists returned this past summer. But under the smell of fresh paint there’s still a lot of destruction, disappointment, and frustration. The New York Times reported last week that the City of New York is evicting 350 hurricane evacuees from state-funded hotels. They’ll most likely end up in shelters…


Experts gather in Sendai to strengthen potentially life-saving disaster data to build Asia-Pacific resilience

More than 35 experts from Asia-Pacific National Disaster Management Agencies and National Statistical Offices, United Nations agencies, donors and civil society gathered this week in Sendai to develop a way forward in building an evidence-based resilience system through improved collection and dissemination of disaster data…


Insurance Council of Australia promotes community resilience

Weather and climate are key issues for the insurance industry. Over the past 40 years, 19 of the 20 largest property losses in Australia have been weather related, resulting in over $10 billion damage. It is in this context that the Australian insurance industry provides a financial recovery mechanism from weather related disasters by evaluating, pricing and spreading the risk of such events, and of paying claims when they arise…


Governments must encourage investment in climate resilience

While the long-term success of ecosystems as defences against extreme weather has yet to be tested, the severity of some recent climate events has called the reliability of traditional infrastructure into question. “You only have to look at the Japanese earthquake [in 2011] to recognise that all of these things have limits,” says Tom Mitchell, head of climate change at the London-based Overseas Development Institute…


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