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12 policies to boost innovation, resilience and prosperity in cities

Cities are ripe with sharing opportunities. That’s kind of the point of cities, when you think about it. Shared infrastructure, culture, and space are what make cities dynamos of the global economy. And when citizens and governments plan a city together, an even more shareable city is possible. Increased innovation, resilience, and prosperity can follow


Kenyan site launched to highlight resilience after Westgate siege

A website has been launched in Kenya allowing users to upload messages, pictures and videos preaching unity and togetherness in the wake of the Al-Shabaab attack on the Westgate shopping mall, in which more than 60 people died…


Cyber Resilience: Building a Defense Strategy that Works

Cyberspace is continuously evolving as its potential and threats, vulnerabilities, complexity and interconnectivity are in a constant state of change. As activists, cybercriminals and nation-states disproportionately increase traditional information risks, it’s becoming clear that the business risks associated with operating in cyberspace should be moving quickly to the top of most chief executives’ agendas…


Kevlar for the Mind: Defining the keys to resilience

The military uses the term resilience to describe everything from physical and emotional conditioning programs to the vague but beneficial psychological state one should be in before, during and after deployment. Broadly defined, resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and spring back to one’s original form…


Resilience training key to efficient, productive and engaged employees

A series of workshops focusing on managing pressure and building personal resilience has resulted in dramatic changes in working practices for many employees, freeing up valuable hours previously eaten up by inefficient planning, travel time, ineffectual meetings, low energy and lack of engagement. One participant reported. ‘This is the best training course I’ve ever attended…


Women Connect to Boost Resilience of Planet

Women everywhere are claiming power and linking networks to restore the Earth and address climate change. They are harnessing digital media and in-person convenings to accelerate the movement, operating as an immune system to boost the Earth’s resilience…


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